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About the Program

Autumn Accelerator is a 2-month program tailored to help pre-seed start-ups by providing investment and support in understanding the entrepreneurship and VC landscapes, further developing their solutions, and launching them to the market. The program provides free know-how through lectures, discussions and mentoring on various topics such as business model, Go-To-Market, finance, fundraising, sales, and more.

The acceleration program is suitable for start-up teams developing their PoC, working on their MVP, or those who have just launched their product and acquired their first customers.

Our program welcomes tech start-ups developing products that address significant customer problems. We place strong emphasis on the scalability of the solution and the strength of the team.
Approx. 30 start-ups will be selected for this program and will be divided into 2 groups:

Group 1

Teams with more developed prototype, MVP or an idea with a big potential will get an opportunity to attend all the lectures and discuss the issues with the mentors on 1:1 meetings.

Group 2

Teams will get access to attend all of the lectures during the program.
Approx. 2 months

Benefits of the Program


Start-up founders get access to online lectures on various topics in the evenings and mentoring.

Investment of 40K EUR

At the end of the program, AceON invests 40KEUR for 5 - 7% equity stake in the start-up or incase of investing through a convertibleinstrument, a post-money CAP of 14.5 times theinvested amount will be convertible.


We engage in-house professionals, industry experts, entrepreneurs and people who purely want to help. By taking part in our program, you can meet other founders or strategic partners.


Autumn Accelerator is an industry-agnostic program with one specialization. What does it mean?

We warmly welcome start-ups from all industries, such as biotech, healthtech, fintech, hospitality, edtech, and more.

AceON looks for start-ups developing applications, platforms, software, marketplaces, online tools, but not hardware solutions.
At the same time, we are particularly interested in start-up teams working on Enterprise Tech solutions. As an international advisory company, Accace, is a co-founder of AceON Accelerator, we can provide significant support through specialized group sessions and mentoring, interviews with enterprise´s employees, and even opportunities to test your solution.

What is expected of start-ups entering the program?

Acceleration programs are provided by AceON Accelerator for free. It is our mission to help succeed start-ups across Europe, thus we offer the best possible know-how and expertise from our in-house and external experts and C-levels.

During the program we expect high level of proactivity and cooperation with our team as we want you to get the best experience and support.
Our goal is to invest in the solutions with the highest potential for success and growth. Therefore, we require you to sign an Accelerator Participant Agreement at the start of the program.

This agreement demonstrates our interest in investing in your start-up and guarantess that AceON Accelerator has the opportunity to invest when you are ready to fundraise or to co-invest if your secure another investor.

Key dates


July 8 – September 15


September 16 – 24


October 15

Demo Day

November 28

Mentors in Autumn Batch

Peter Pašek

Peter Pašek

Managing Director & Partner Accace Slovakia

Peter Pašek

Since 2013, Peter has managed Accace, one of the largest consulting companies on the Slovak market. Recognized as specialist in transaction and tax consulting, he participated in several sales of companies, set up the structure of the transaction and represented companies in negotiations with investors.
Ján Kasper

Ján Kasper

Co-founder AceON | Co-founder & Managing Partner ZAKA

Ján Kasper

Experienced entrepreneur operating in 50 companies across 9 different industries, generating a total revenue of 700 million EUR. His primary interests lie in the communication, energy, leisure & hospitality, and real estate and development sectors. Obtained his MBA at Webster and PHD at Comenius University.
Andrej Petrus

Andrej Petrus

Head of Investment Committee ZAKA

Andrej Petrus

From working in AI venture builder and in consulting, Andrej is now leading ZAKA's investment committee. He holds a finance degree from Humboldt University of Berlin and University of Economics in Prague.
Mihaela Pašek-Virlan

Mihaela Pašek-Virlan

CEO & Partner Accace

Mihaela Pašek-Virlan

Mihaela became a part of Accace in 2007, since navigated through various positions across different countries, in 2020 became the CEO. Mihaela is also a member of YPO, a global community of leaders and CEOs, actively participating in socially responsible activities organized under the civic association #accacelife.
Slavo Tuleja

Slavo Tuleja

Managing Partner & Founder Kiuub

Slavo Tuleja

Slavo is the founder of no-code agency Kiuub & managing partner at Chop Chop Ventures, sector focused pre-seed fund investing in B2B SaaS companies helping SMEs automate & accelerate digital transformation. Also a co-author of The Caffeine Capitalist newsletter.
Richard Kakaš

Richard Kakaš

DevOps Specialist Raiffeisen Bank International

Richard Kakaš

Richard is DevOps Specialist at Raiffeisen Bank International and CTO at Silvergon. In addition to 5 years’ experience with cloud solutions and their automated deployments, he also has lots of experience with full-stack software development. At RBI he is a part of the team developing chatbot solutions for millions of clients.
Martina Hanusová

Martina Hanusová

Chief Sales Officer Payout

Martina Hanusová

Martina is focused on business development, sales, and marketing. Her specialties include payment systems, FinTech, setting up sales plans, and marketing strategies. Additionally, she has a passion for entrepreneurship and contributes to the startup community as an organizer for Techstars Startup Weekend events.
Natália Mikušová

Natália Mikušová

Head of Portfolio & Communication ZAKA

Natália Mikušová

After years of marketing experience in leading positions, Natalia is now a member of ZAKA VC. She is in charge of portfolio management and communication, but is also active in deal sourcing, partner network and operations.
Samuel Hopko

Samuel Hopko

Co-founder & Consultant Plectrum Engineering

Samuel Hopko

Samuel has worked in roles such as DevOps engineer and platform director. His experience includes designing architectures, providing architecture consulting, leading teams, and leading company-wide infrastructure transformations. He co-founded a company Plectrum Engineering focused on what he loves - platform engineering and education.
Vojta Diatka

Vojta Diatka

Head of Product Biometric Ventures

Vojta Diatka

Vojta is a seasoned product manager with experience managing products for millions of users (, leading product teams in startups and helping startups thrive with product consulting.
Patrik Ruman

Patrik Ruman

CEO & Co-founder Techband

Patrik Ruman

A business and tech enthusiast who likes to push himself and those around him forward. He worked for Exponea and Dateio. Later, he founded his own start-up In his spare time, he contributes to the organisation of the start-up competition CESAwards and building NGO - StartuPeak.
Pavol Magic

Pavol Magic

CEO & Co-founder Zoniq

Pavol Magic

Pavol is the CEO & co-founder at Zoniq. He has 20+ years of experience in creating successful global projects & products and leading distributed teams & businesses.
Pavol Čobirka

Pavol Čobirka

Chief Commercial Officer Whalebone

Pavol Čobirka

Pavol is a seasoned start-up strategist with a knack for global expansion. With a track record that includes co-founding PEKAT VISION and orchestrating its €16 million sale within two years, Pavol specializes in sales, globalization strategies, and fostering sustainable growth.
Milan Novotný

Milan Novotný

Director of SEO & Content CloudTalk

Milan Novotný

Milan’s work revolves around helping SaaS companies optimize their SEO. He helps CloudTalk scale its organic traffic and gain new customers across the globe. Milan works as an educator in the SEO space. He has mentored Techstars start-ups and provided guidance to Depo Ventures VC fund.
Martin Hergovič

Martin Hergovič

Crypto regulatory lawyer & analyst blockwiseLABS

Martin Hergovič

Martin is a crypto regulatory lawyer, business strategist, crypto analyst, and regulatory policy consultant. He has extensive experience in launching, scaling, and consulting start-ups, DAOs, and web3 companies. In addition to this he is a heavy DeFi user and a proud NFT collector organizing community events and galleries.

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Spring Accelerator 2024
Participating in the AceON Spring Accelerator was a game-changer for our startup Jusi. The program's intensive webinars and personalized mentorship helped us refine our business model and accelerate our growth. The support from experienced mentors and access to a vast network of industry professionals were invaluable. By the end of the program, we had a solid MVP and were ready to enter the market with confidence. Ready to investment stage!

Konstantin Doronin

Spring Accelerator 2024
As a startup that recently participated in the AceON Accelerator program, I can confidently say that our experience was exceptional! AceON provided an incredible ecosystem of knowledge and support. The speaker sessions were truly invaluable, covering a wide range of topics from fundraising to growing the startup! The practical advice from mentors was actionable and tailored to our specific needs. Moreover, the networking opportunities were abundant, allowing us to connect with other startups and industry experts. From day one until the Demo Day, AceON fostered an environment of growth, learning, and collaboration!

Phi Long Bui

Spring Accelerator 2024
AceON start-up accelerator was perfect for Flyer’s Guard. The remote evening sessions fit my schedule, and I learned a lot without feeling overwhelmed. The contacts I made turned into valuable business partnerships. Plus, their free consultations after the program are a great bonus. Highly recommend!

Michal Roth

Flyer´s Guard

The Program

Autumn Accelerator's lectures that can directly impact the future of your start-up.

What is venture capital?

The lecture answers questions like: What is VC? How does investor think about the investment? What are the criteria investors use to evaluate a start-up team? How can a start-up showcase traction in pre-seed and how to have fast and steady growth?

How to build your pre-seed round pitch deck & how to succeed with your start-up?

Listen to the ultimate tips for a pitch deck that will increase the interest of investors, and learn what to do to succeed with your start-up.

Basics of fundraising

Prepare yourself for fundraising, get to know the types of investors, learn how to approach them, and find out what due diligence, equity, debt/SAFE, and more are.

Valuation, dilution, how much to ask from the investor, term sheet and much more

All the essential know-how and metrics every start-up founder needs to understand.


Confirm that a business idea, product, or service meets the needs and expectations of the target market, and learn key aspects of validation.


Market, its size and growth, competition and defendable factors.


Key aspects of Go-To-Market strategy and what you shouldn´t overlook when entering the market. Discover more about MVP development, GTM budget and when to set the launch date. Discussion with successful founders who share their experience with going to the market.

Business model

Study the customer and value proposition to develop a product that will bring real value. Plan and develop a business model to achieve product-market fit.

Sales tips & techniques

Learn how to sell your product efficiently and create a repeatable sales process to grow your business quickly and steadily.

Mid-Demo Day: pitch training

Selected teams get an opportunity to try to pitch their solutions in front of an online jury and receive feedback on their pitch deck.

What the “marriage” with an investor is about

What happens after the investment? What to expect from your investors, and how to cooperate with them to get all the benefits from this relationship?


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