What makes you a great founder

Hello, founders! 👋 Here´s another dose of tips from Web Summit. We´ve collected tips and insights on what makes you a great founder and leader of your start-up from session with Daniel Yanisse (Co-founder & CEO at Checkr), Daniela Braga (Founder at and moderated by Dan Milmo (Global Technology Editor at The Guardian).

  • when founding a start-up, you have to be dedicated and believe in what you´re doing,
  • find a problem, a gap and a need,
  • pitch your ideas to people you know,
  • find a network, be creative and find a solution to raise money so that you can sponsor your company, especially when moving and founding your start-up in another country, plus – get a lawyer,
  • be persistent, even if you hear "no" many times,
  • never be arrogant,
  • adapt – the only constant thing in life is change, you will have to adapt every week; in the life of founder, you should expect change all the time,
  • be humble that we´re always learning and build your knowledge though,
  • be customer centric, it´s great to build a product based on you needs, but validate your idea with external customers, real people & real companies,
  • customers change their mind, so you have to adapt all the time.

And we add few more:

  • Take care of your team and yourself from the mental health perspective
  • Lead by example
  • Take the risk

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February 12, 2024

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