Tech start-ups aiming for more sustainability

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends, but not only that. The goal is to transform our world to a better shape. What´s more, the benefit is that start-ups and companies behaving sustainable attracts more customers and talented employees.

In Spring Pre-accelerator program, we cooperated with start-ups bringing sustainability in various forms and delivering benefits for their customers. Meet our sustainable start-ups Mapheim, Sustainly and BIMtwin.

Mapheim enables to create interactive maps easily

There are millions of businesses around the world that need maps. Imagine a typical family park that uses a printed version of its map distributed by the hundreds of thousands each year. By using Mapheim, a platform that enables businesses to create interactive maps easily and for a low price, they can simply hop on the train of digitalization and stop printing maps for their visitors. Instead, they can show a beautiful interactive map on their website to attract more visitors to the park. They can also place QR codes of the map across the park to make it easily accessible from any location.

How does it work? The interactive map connects the physical and digital world and provides a better experience for visitors while contributing to better sustainability. These maps are a great medium to communicate information to the customers in an engaging and interactive way.

Product screenshot, Source: Mapheim

No-code approach & AI

The platform guides users through the process as Mapheim focuses heavily on UX and implements AI to make the process even easier and faster. In addition, no-code approach enables customers to generate maps easily in 4 steps:

  1. choose the style of your map,
  2. add map markers like images, text, routes, polygons, and drawings,
  3. make the map interactive by choosing different clickable areas,
  4. share the map with your audience.

MVP validated with 15 customers from 3 countries

Mapheim is an international company operating in Norway and Czech Republic. The team consists of 4 people working full-time led by 2 founders, Jan Kondula, CEO and Lukáš Pastuszek, CTO. They have closed MVP development and validated it with 15 different customers in 4 different domains and 3 different countries. The first customers of Mapheim are event organizers (fairs and festivals), venues (ZOOs), and companies operating in tourism. The public release of the product is planned during Q3 2023. After that, the users can start creating maps on Mapheim website for a small subscription fee.

Find out more about Mapheim on LinkedIn.

Sustainly makes ESG reporting easy and affordable

Sustainly is a SaaS non-financial data management solution that helps SMEs to manage their data in an easy way that saves time and money. The customers are mainly enterprises on the EU market or those exporting to EU. The goal of Sustainly is to help these clients to understand the topic of ESG (ESG = environmental, social and governance) and much more:

  • monitor and report ESG data,
  • help them with the transition,
  • discover new business opportunities,
  • bring extra value for the company.

Why to focus on ESG now?

UNEP FI pushing sustainable development states in one of their reports: „Who Cares Wins“.

It is important for all the market participants to acknowledge the fact that new rules of the game have been established. The genie is out of the bottle and the ones who understand it will benefit from it.

According to that, Sustainly has developed a software that makes ESG reporting affordable for SMEs. Client can be certain that a report generated via Sustainly complies with regulatory obligations and moreover, customers get help to turn this challenge into business opportunity.

ESG reporting, Source: Sustainly

Companies, employ sustainability officers

Currently, this product is in a stage of development using the insights from a pilot customer. Software is under development and supervised by their CTO Ondrej Ponteš. The solution will be easy to use by anyone in the client companies. However, the ideal scenario is that the companies will fill in the positions of Sustainability officers to primarily cooperate with Sustainly product and team.

The MVP should be finished in autumn this year and by the end of the year, the team plans to start generating revenue. Product will be launched in Slovakia. The plan is to continue across Central and Eastern Europe, but the goal is to focus on the Asian companies.

BIMtwin focuses on the environmental impact of buildings

Construction is a field that is no longer attractive to young people and it results in a lack of will to make innovations and digitalization. On the other hand, this is good news for digital enthusiasts like Ján and Václav Smolík and their start-up BIMtwin.

This team focuses primarily on the environmental impact of buildings. One of the problems this product solves is obtaining necessary and accurate data to calculate the heat loss of buildings. Other benefits of using BIMtwin include:

  • faster processes and reaction to changes thanks to automation,
  • more accurate overall calculations,
  • data-driven decisions,
  • comparation of design options and evaluation oftheir environmental impact in the early stages of designing buildings,
  • effective choice of building materials,
  • prediction of emissions the equipment will produce during its life cycle.

All this enables specialists to choose more environmentally friendly design of buildings.

Get accurate data and calculations

BIM is a widespread software digitalizing entire construction lifecycle. However, because BIM is very young, there are not many tools that can transfer and process the data. BIMtwin makes it possible for customers to connect via API to the most common tools for creating information models and quickly obtain data in the required quality for very accurate calculations.

Implement BIMtwin directly to your tools thanks to add-in

Implementing BIMtwin solution could be convenient for wide range of experts: energy specialists, designers of technical equipment, architects, environmental specialists, investment specialists, companies or public procurers. In a long term, the plan is to offer this product to facility managers so they can visualize data in real time and collect data for environmental impact reporting by using IoT.

The product is in a prototype and testing stage. Customers will be able to implement BIMtwin directly into the tools they are used to thanks to installing the add-in, which is available for free. Ján and Václav have created a so-called Hub that allows users to edit data before migration or create completely new information there.

Find more about BIMtwin on LinkedIn.

June 16, 2023

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