Start-ups CATM and Safiely work on faster and better analysis of data

Get to know CATM and Safiely, start-ups which went through our Spring Pre-accelerator2023. Both start-ups work with data, its processing and analysis. CATM helps with uncovering the qualities and risks in investment analysis thanks to use of AI without reading hundreds of pages of texts. Safiely, on the other hand, focuses on patients´ wellbeing by more effective collecting data of adverse drug effects.

CATM helps portfolio managers and investment analysts

CATM is a product suitable for portfolio managers of small and medium-sized investment companies and investment analysts, mainly in Europe and North America. The platform analyses textual data such as annual reports, interviews with company executives, newspaper articles, earnings call transcripts, financial results, social networks, and geolocation.

Searching for patterns in large amount of data thanks to AI

Data analysis enables to uncover the qualities and risks of corporate management in investment analysis quickly and easily. Thanks to use of AI, especially machine learning methods within Natural Language Processing, CATM analyses and searches for patterns in large amounts of primarily textual data. Clients can use it in a form of a web application where they will be able to search and receive necessary information after logging in.

Petr Šterba, founder of CATM describes how his start-up will help customers to have better forecasts: “By looking up important management assertions on their behalf and verifying whether and how the management was wrong or right in its assertions. Thus, we can very quickly determine, based on historical data, whether the firm's management failed to deliver what it promised, lied, or misled stakeholders. Investors no longer have to read hundreds of pages of text.”

Petr also says he would like to combine a business opportunity with academic expertise from world-leading universities such as the University of Oxford.

CATM´s plans for the future: Launching MVP in the UK

So far, CATM has conducted a survey where about half of the investment managers have expressed their interest in the product. Currently, Petr is working on the business case and MVP with a plan to finish the first version of MVP in June 2023 and to test and get the first customers in July and August 2023. The first market where this product will be launched is the UK, followed by North America and the rest of Europe.

CATM is currently looking for tech co-founder. If you are interested in this start-up´s concept, contact Petr via webpage.

Safiely wishes to simplify Adverse Drug Reactions Reporting

Safiely work son user-friendly technology that simplifies adverse drug reporting for a patient or patient´s relatives, including raising awareness and public education around this topic.

To simplify the explanation around the topic – after a medicine is approved and released to a market, it lives its own life and is exposed to more patient’s population in specific indication than was during clinical trials. It is important to keep monitoring the drug and making sure it continues to be still safe.

Each patient exposed to a medicine has valuable and unique experience, especially if that experience might had been something unexpected or negative. “I believe these experiences need to be inspected in details, and the patients should be guided and educated on how to identify it, how to handle it or what to do about if they ever experience drug adverse event,“ adds Lucia Vašíková, founder of Safiely.

AceON Spring Batch Demo Day

Impact on the safety profile of a medicine

There are many ways to report an adverse event by a patient or a relative:

  • informing healthcare professionals (a doctor or a pharmacist),
  • reporting via questionnaire on Competent Authority web page or hard copy form,
  • calling or directly emailing the medicine market authorization holder via contact details on company web pages or in Patient Information Leaflet, etc.

From Lucia´s perspective as a pharmacist, the importance of collecting data lies in understanding and preventing the adverse effects, as well as raising awareness. Each reported adverse event must be evaluated once received and it must impact the safety profile of a medicine, whether in good or bad way.

Safiely wishes to simplify the reporting and patient education via pharmacy – in a first place where patient will have easy access to technology to do reporting independently, having professional support of pharmacy team if needed, including education around the topic.

More people with the same problem

Lucia is in the stage of validation of her future start-up. Based on the knowledge she has gained in Slovakia via questionnaire, she has found out that “the problem” is not only her own problem. Firstly, Safiely is planning to provide technology to public and patients. Next vision is to simplify the reporting process for healthcare professionals involved – if that would be confirmed as a need.

The launching market of Safiely is Slovakia. As the adverse event drug reporting is set up and regulated in similar way across all EU countries, those could be the next targets.  

Safiely has opened door for a tech co-founder. If you find this idea as something you would like to work on, contact Lucia via LinkedIn.

July 4, 2023

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