Marketplaces improving people´s lives with more flexibility and wellbeing

Spacebrains and Spiridy, start-ups accelerated in our Spring Pre-accelerator decided to bring more happiness and wellbeing for their customers with solutions based on marketplace business model. Check out what are their visions.

Spacebrains outsources skilled freelance engineers

Spacebrains is an outsourcing platform and its innovation lies in the bridging the gap between traditional Engineering Service Companies (ESCs) working on non-digital product development, R&D, and innovation, and modern freelancer economy.

More flexibility for engineering talents

Spacebrains wants to focus on highly skilled freelancers. This includes, but is not limited to, CAD designers, mechanical engineers, CFD engineers, structural engineers, and mechatronics professionals. Nowadays, all these positions require around 80% of work being done behind the PC screens and thus spacebrains provides businesses with the flexibility to hire top-tier engineering talent on a project basis.

Survive through product lifecycle with no worries and additional costs

Spacebrains´ customers are businesses that require expertise in the engineering field for their projects but don't necessarily need or can't afford to employ full-time experts.

Jakub Tomšík, founder of spacebrains, explains why it is beneficial to hire freelancers: “With product lifecycles ranging from 2 – 5 years, companies often only need specific expertise for a fraction of this time, and having a full-time, permanent team is not efficient. For successful companies, this also means that they don’t need to halt or postpone promising projects, due to engineering staff being at full capacity with later-stage products.”

Companies should expect smooth experience by using services of spacebrains:

  • providing access to top-tier, vetted engineering freelancers,
  • hiring engineers on a project-by-project basis,
  • user-friendly place where companies can browse and hire from the pool of engineering freelancers based on provided job description,
  • giving companies the flexibility and efficiency,
  • if necessary, managed administrative aspects like insurance, taxes, hardware, software licenses and data security for freelancers.
Spacebrains startup at AceON Demo Day
Spacebrains at AceON Demo Day

The start is in Czech and Slovak republic, but the goal is to be a world wide platform

Spacebrains aims to establish a strong presence in the Czechoslovakian market. Start-up is now in a stage of market research, establishing partnerships and building the portfolio of engineers. The goal is to achieve product-market fit next year.

Once Jakub verifies the model, he plans to scale into other European markets with ultimate vision of becoming the leading platform for non-digital engineering expertise worldwide for expertise in product development, R&D, and innovation of non-digital products in mechanical, aerospace, civil, electrical, chemical and other high-demanding industries.

Become part of spacebrains team

As spacebrains product is in the development stage, the team is open for expansion. If you find this concept interesting and you wish to become a co-founder that can speed up things even more, do not hesitate to talk to Jakub.

Find out more about spacebrains on LinkedIn.

Spiridy wants to disrupt the self-development market

In a world filled with endless possibilities, personal growth has emerged as a vital pursuit for those seeking to lead meaningful lives and reach their full potential. Spiridy, founded by Eliška Švecová, is a visionary company with a mission to disrupt the self-development market by addressing the pressing issues faced by individuals in their pursuit of personal development.

The problems Spiridy aims to solve are:

  • challenge of navigating through a fragmented landscape of sources and platforms,  
  • tracking the progress of an individual,
  • range of resources should be more tailored to specific needs of customers,
  • the absence of objectivity, credibility, and reliable ratings for self-development products,
  • lack of community and support, isolation.

Centralized hub with wide range of tools, resources, tech gadgets and more

The goal of Spiridy is to create a centralized hub that unlocks the full potential of a personal growth where customers can discover curated self-development tools, resources, guided programs, simple antistress tools, cutting-edge products like DNA tests, tech gadgets designed to enhance focus and productivity, online courses, or even vibrant community.

The platform is suitable not only for B2C, but for B2B, too. Companies could directly purchase products for their employees or make Spiridy part of their benefit programs.

Spiridy startup at AceON Demo Day
Spiridy at AceON Demo Day

Personalized recommendations and integration of AI

The vision is to enhance integration of technology to include features such as personalized recommendations based on customer profiles, progress tracking, or integration with wearable devices for health and wellbeing tracking. Integration of AI can help customers identify relevant self-development activities, resources, or learning paths that align with their goals, preferences, and unique circumstances. It is even possible to improve connection between different products, for example sleep tracking device and productivity guide program – to improve productivity and ability to focus.

Gaining a valuable insight in English-speaking countries

The Spiridy platform is in a development phase with a plan to finalize the product before winter, while testing and refining a simplified version of the platform. Primary focus for launching the product will be in English-speaking countries, including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. These countries have a strong demand for self-development and personal growth resources. At the same time, they are a great place to gain a valuable insight into user behavior, preferences, and market dynamics.

June 28, 2023

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