How to find a start-up idea?

Starting a new business can be a really exciting experience. However, the first step before developing any successful start-up is finding THE idea. It seems everything good was already invented and there are no start-up ideas left, but there are for sure so many potential opportunities out there. Here are a few tips to help you find your big business idea.

1. Identify Your Passion

Great startup ideas often come from an individual´s interest or passion. It may sound like a cliché, but it is true. If you work on your hobby, you will be more motivated and enthusiastic to work hard and to see it succeed in the future.

2. Trends as an inspiration

Keep checking the latest trends as a source of inspiration for potential start-up ideas. It is useful to choose right away the industries you are interested in and try to identify the gaps in these markets. Look for the information about what people are buying, using, or talking about. Think about improvements to existing products. Also, keep an eye on popular and viral trends and try to estimate what could be popular in the near future.

3. Ask a friend to cooperate

Look around yourself and think about cooperation with people around you. If they dream about having their own business just like you, it could get twice as easier to debate about a new idea together, find the right one and act straight away.

4. Keep asking around

If you are still not successful with coming up with the start-up project, try to ask around what problems people have experienced in recent days or weeks. Check with family, friends and do not be afraid to ask strangers as well, for example ask online on social media or browse forums.  

5. Analyze Competitors

Why not analyze some companies and get a valuable insight into the industry’s current state and potential gaps to explore. Study the different businesses offering similar products or services, see their strengths and weaknesses and identify potential improvements and unique selling points that can make your start-up idea shine between competitors´ solutions.

6. Look for collaborations

Another way to enter start-up world is to become a part of an existing or just starting company. Bring your experience and expertise into collaboration with other entrepreneurs, brainstorm together to discover new improvements or develop new products and explore a partnership that can benefit both of you.

Finding a start-up idea needs creativity, attention to detail, patience to research and analyze, endurance to keep going and courage to start new things. Go for it and we will then gladly welcome you at our AceON accelerator.

March 17, 2023

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