How to build the brand of your start-up

With building a start-up, you´re not only building a company, but a brand as well. How to set your strategy, set your company mission, vision, values and how to attract your customers? We summarized tips from Juan Pablo Ortega (Co-founder& CEO at Yuno) in talk with Olivia Morley (Agencies Reporter at Adweek) during Web Summit.

Marketing should be a big deal

  • Aim for the right audience.
  • Stay in constant touch with your consumers through social media and ads. Understanding their needs is vital.
  • Understand your customers' satisfaction. Try using NPS (Net Promoter Score) to track it. Knowing how likely your existing customers are to recommend your product or service can help you enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Focus on ensuring your product works smoothly for users and potential customers.
  • Make sure the marketing team works closely with the product team, especially in understanding metrics like app downloads, subscriptions, etc. It's key to the success of many companies.
  • Measure, measure, measure what works and what doesn't, but don't go overboard with spending.

Master your PR strategy

  • PR strategy is super important, especially when you're starting a B2B business.
  • Make sure people see your brand the right way. The messages you put out in the media really matter. Get your key messages clear and know how to showcase your company.
  • C-level clients might be hesitant with start-ups, so how the media portrays you is crucial.
  • Knowing the media and reporters is key. Reach out via LinkedIn or email. You don't have to splash cash on a PR agency at the start, but hiring a consultant could be a big help.

B2B vs. B2C

  • For B2C, keep in mind that word of mouth is huge – you don't have to spend a fortune.
  • In B2B, it's about managing your brand's image and how others talk about your company.
  • Create content; in B2B, share stories about your initial customers.
  • For B2B, make LinkedIn (or X) your go-to platform. For B2C, focus on Instagram, TikTok, or whichever social media your consumers use.

January 22, 2024

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