Carameet and develop data processing technologies to provide companies with more leads

Correct and well processed data allow companies to keep moving forward, provide better customer service and be better than competitors. Firms often fight with methods, tools and possibility of automatization of data analysis.

We would like to introduce our 2 start-ups from our Spring Pre-accelerator which have decided to help data-driven companies with a new approach and solutions. Carameet focuses on demographic and behavioral data of festival, conferences or other events´ attendees. plans to process companies´ communication data to provide much better customer care and convert more leads.

Carameet brings event organizers more leads and tailored approach to attendees

Carameet is an application that allows event organizers and sponsors to collect, analyze and act on attendee data at in-person events, such as hackathons, conferences, festivals and so on.

Start-up works with:

  • demographic data, such as age, work experience, and openness to work,
  • behavioral data, such as which workshop attendees are participating in, how many meetings they have attended, and how many times they have visited sponsor booths.

It allows sponsors to tailor their approach to attendees, therefore, to convert more leads, whether they are seeking to hire, find new partners, or acquire new companies.

The appearance of Carameet application, Source: Carameet

Software-only experience

In terms of innovation, Carameet offers the most extensive range of data analytics available. Unlike other solutions that either don't track data or use hardware like bracelets with scannable chips (which attendees aren't always eager to use), this platform provides a software-only experience for all parties involved. What´s more, the vision is to integrate a wide variety of tools to improve the user experience, such as ticket vendors or identity verification services.

Perfect skill combination

Start-up team consists of 4 founders: Matúš Sukeľ, Lucia Drobná, Daniel Gašparík and Roman Osadský. They are together a perfect combination of event industry expertise and data tracking know-how. With 10+ years of experience in the event world, Lucia and Matúš truly understand what it takes to organize successful events. On the other hand, Roman and Daniel bring their data-tracking expertise from Bloomreach, which will definitely help in gathering and making sense of attendee data at in-person events.

They've already gone through 50+ user tests. Launch of the platform is planned in mid-2023. The first customers are from Slovakia and Czech Republic, but they are already in talks with event organizers from Nordic and Balkan regions.

Find out more about Carameet on LinkedIn. analyzes communication data and automates manual processes empowers professional services firms to boost their revenue through improved project delivery, new business opportunities, and greater collaboration.

The platform provides valuable insights into the discussions that clients and company´s employees have – it helps understand who is talking to whom about what, discover subject matter experts, and even set up intelligent alerts to ensure key conversations are never missed.

Targeting companies which face knowledge challenges caters to multinational or larger national professional services firms offering advisory or non-IT services, with a strong emphasis on sectors such as financial services, risk advisory, legal, and real estate. It is designed for firms facing substantial knowledge challenges, typically ranging from 100 to 300 employees.

Ariel Wertlen-Spilkin, founder of, at AceON Demo Day, Source: AceON

Automation of time-intensive and manual processes

Start-up specializes in processing and analyzing various types of communication data, including emails, messages, and meeting metadata and leverages graph databases, cloud technology and cutting-edge AI to enhance this data with internal employee information, firm service offerings, and product data.

All of this automates time-intensive and manual processes that have traditionally burdened these firms. Additionally, promotes a collaborative culture within professional service firms.

Below are the key benefit categories of

  • Uncovering New Selling Opportunities: Service leads are notified when client conversations in other departments are relevant to their service area, enabling them to seize cross-selling opportunities that may have normally been missed.
  • Enhancing Service Delivery: empowers service delivery teams to tackle complex issues more efficiently by providing easy access to expertise across the firm.
  • Holistically Understanding Client Needs: By gaining insights into client conversations and interactions, firms can better understand client priorities and anticipate their needs for proactive and targeted assistance.
  • Promoting Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: facilitates seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing by identifying subject matter experts within the firm on various topics to enhances teamwork, encourages knowledge exchange, and enables employees to quickly tap into the firm's collective expertise and contribute to client engagements.
  • Streamlining Onboarding and Productivity: The platform reduces the learning curve for new joiners by providing visibility into ongoing conversations and relevant topics within the firm and with clients.

Seamless integration into existing processes

The front end of this solution is presented as a PowerBI dashboard, leveraging a tool that both end users and analytics teams are already familiar with. By integrating seamlessly into existing processes, eliminates the need for additional overhead such as user logging and permission management.

Implementation time is expected to take approximately three weeks, which includes customization of the topics for analysis and visualization. integrates with a firm's existing Microsoft 365 and Azure services. Furthermore, the solution is deployed on the firm's Azure service, guaranteeing that sensitive data always remains within the firm’s environment.

Run as a pilot in your company

The MVP of the product is still under development and should take about three months until the core components are built. After that point it can be run as a pilot for prospective clients.

“I am running a phased approach after the core components are developed. The first phase will be a pilot program for prospective firms. The goal is to test the value of the solution and create an MVP that is informed by the pilot firm’s unique needs. This gives the pilot firm the unique ability to provide input into the design of a solution that directly solves their business needs,” says Ariel Wertlen-Spilkin, founder of

The pilot will be performed gratis, with the expectation that once the pilot is completed a yearly contract will be entered into assuming the value is evident. Ariel is focusing on the EMEA region for now, with particular interest in Slovakia, the UAE, and South Africa. will offer the solution through the Azure MarketPlace.

July 10, 2023

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