AceON: start-up accelerator with ambition to operate throughout Europe

Why is AceON Accelerator a right choice for start-ups? AceON is a result of connection of experience and teams from Accace, advisory & BPO company, and ZAKA, the family venture house. That is why AceON is backed by skilled entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts with many years of history in this ecosystem.

Accace has already got a continuous experience with organizing the start-up program. The proof is tree years of #accacelife accelerator, which helped many Slovak successful companies such as DNA ERA or Glycanostics. Venture house ZAKA has invested into start-ups in pre-seed stage across 5 continents, mainly in DACH region (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria), Baltic countries and UK. Accace and ZAKA are supportive partners for start-ups even after the end of the accelerator program or gaining the investment.

What start-ups AceON seeks?

Accelerator programs were created specifically for idea and pre-seed stage start-ups. We want you to grab your idea, bring your team and we will together work on transforming the idea into MVP stage, at least. The goal is to give potential founders all the support, education, know-how and even resources they need, so the smart idea won´t end up buried in the drawer, never completed – that would be a pity.

AceON programs focus mainly on start-up projects developing software, marketplace, online tools, digital product – that means development of something scalable with potential to reach customers globally.

The first batch starts in April 2023

AceON organizes 2 programs a year: Spring Pre-Accelerator and Autumn Accelerator. The very first Pre-Accelerator in the history of AceON will take place in the middle of April 2023 and will last 1,5 – month till the end of May. The members will gain access to free workshops and mentoring, and to learning platform specifically created for AceON.

To get into one of the programs, start-upers need to submit an application from this webpage. All application will be read and selected by the AceON´s chosen criteria. The top start-ups from Pre-Accelerator can automatically get an invitation to Autumn Accelerator, but it is not a certainty that spring start-ups will appear among autumn ones.

February 16, 2023

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