5 reasons why to join a start-up accelerator

You live your life and suddenly it hits you – the greatest start-up idea ever. Everybody needs it, everybody buys it, you have no doubt. Getting an idea looks like the hardest thing you need to do, but the more you think about it, the more steps add in the process, the more barriers suddenly appear. What to do next? Should I find a friend willing to become part of my future company and work hard with me? Or should I first calculate how much capital my idea will consume? How to do it right?

There will be a lot of micro and macro steps and millions of questions when building-up your start-up. AceON accelerator offers programs and structure which help answer your questions and push you in the right direction. Why do not grab the chance to become a member? If you still hesitate, there are 5 reasons why you should join AceON accelerator:

Grow faster

With all the education, contacts, and advice you can get during acceleration programs, there is a good chance you will grow your business much faster than you would do just by yourself. Acceleration programs are structured to cover all the important topics explained by experts you can trust and of course, ask questions during workshops or 1:1 mentoring. Being in a group of similar people, future founders, and seeing their growth rate is also motivating to work harder.

Investment opportunities

If your start-up product makes sense to your customers, your team is made up of the right mix of people and you achieve high growth rate, AceON will provide meetings with investors from ZAKA who are prepared to support the top of you.

Learn from others and avoid mistakes

As was mentioned, in AceON you meet experts in the field and skilled entrepreneurs. If you have an open mind and listen, you get some great and useful advice from people who had to go through the business beginnings just like you. They made their own mistakes, and you can learn how to avoid them. This can save you years of development.

Broaden your network – the base for successful start-up

Network, network, network. That is the advice for all of you out there. During programs and even after, you will have opportunities to meet new contacts from the ecosystem or industry. You never know, this one guy can be a path to your very first paying customer, another one will bring beneficial partnership for your start-up, or you meet the best new co-founder you could pray for.

You get to be visible

We mean visible to many relevant people for your start-up, visible to public via our webpage, social media, and activities. Visibility will increase your credibility and support your networking.

We got your attention, didn’t we? Have a look at our pre-accelerator starting this spring and join the party!

February 16, 2023

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